My Donzi at Secret BeachIt has been said, that it will take another 20 years before homeowner associations learn how to govern themselves. Until they do, a primary reason for their existence, that of providing increased property value, will remain elusive. It is known that property governed by an association appreciates less quickly than the general market. Not only are people looking at an association’s reserves, they are asking whether there are conflicts with the board.

Some attribute the failures of many associations to the “volunteer” nature of the association’s boards. There can be no denying that widespread problems with runaway boards has prompted new legislative initiatives in Sacramento, every year bills are in various stages. All of them deal with curtailing association abuses, much of this stirred up by trial lawyers.

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant. So it is with audacious hope that I, as a homeowner, drag our association into the 21st century with this world class blog web site. It is hope that other members will take an interest, along with the board, and participate in the streamlining of communications between us all.

And of course, we also strive to help our homeowners make a bit of money, including myself.