If one cares to search, one will find numerous examples of petty leadership in the ranks of the boards of HOAs across the country. In fact, it is a lack of integrity in HOA leadership that prevents HOAs from performing their primary task, that of promoting property value. It is curious why unqualified homeowners seek active roles on their boards, after all, it is often described as a thankless job. It seems that one motivation is a desire to control others.

John Dean, in his book “Conservatives Without Conscience“, gives us perhaps the best insight into this problem as he has extensively studied the impact of authoritarian thought in our society and had come to the conclusion that perhaps 30% of our population subscribes to some form of authoritarianism. On one side of the equation, we have many cultures that would never dream of questioning authority. These cultures are content to accept the status quo thinking that, that is just the way of the world. It does not seem to matter to them that they are being taken advantage of. On the other side of the equation are those double dippers, those that derive pleasure from controlling others. These folks boost their self esteem with their personal power quests, whether they actually deserve the honor is always another question.

So today I present another one of those ludicrous power trips from a HOA president whom seems unable to place the business of his HOA in broader social context.

It is my guess that this “mad as hell” HOA president will next attempt to sue the homeowner over the flagpole. I am sure you have heard the argument, “What if every homeowner put up a flagpole?”.