Welcome to River Run
Are you ready? Much has changed in the web design business since I first introduced our homeowners to the Internet over 10 years ago. While technology of that decade provided a great marketing tool for homeowners to take advantage our of great natural resource of Lake Tahoe tourism, it was still difficult to help other homeowners deal with life in the mountains and the often times frustrating adventures of owning property at River Run Condominiums. And this was not from lack of effort, or good faith.

In fact, accepting an invitation to join the board years ago revealed how much work needed to be done. It quickly became very clear that very little, if anything, could be changed from working from the inside. Since I came to Tahoe from Silicon Valley, I had long taken for granted the vast toolkits used to manage companies from the start up phase to public offerings. I must say, I was shell shocked with the toolkits available to our association.

Welcome to technology of the 21st century, euphamistically known as Web 2.0. Bingo!

Today, I am able to offer up a few tools that have the capacity to greatly improve the communications flow in our association. And make no mistake, there will be some members of our association that will resist. After all, we still have board members that are uncomfortable with the decades old tool called email. Still, others will object to their perceived loss of control and power.

Any homeowner that has studied and reviewed the current state of the art of affairs dealing with the majority of homeowners associations will be quick to embrace any tool that streamlines and simplifies the communications process. Cost savings abide. For example, our property management company could eliminate the costs of sending their quarterly management newsletter just by utilizing this web site. And we might see an end to posting notifications of the next quarterly board meeting on our trash bin.

So with the audacity of hope, our association now has a tool to increase revenues from our tourism industry, a tool to improve communications with our property management company, a tool to improve communications with our board, and we now have a tool to facilitate communications between each other.

This is but a start. Hopefully we can develop the critical mass needed to leap frog that 20 year window into the future.

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