Top 10 Reasons to Buy Property at the River Run Condominiums:

10: Dust. It is really hard to believe how much dust accumulates on these properties. It gets everywhere. It will damage any clothing or bedding that is not stored in plastic wrap. The source? The proximity to the highway.

9: Water. Water pressure is a serious issue, no need for a water flow limiting shower head here, you will be lucky to get 3GPM out of your shower head. From time to time you will also notice that your water comes out of your faucets filled with air bubbles. Of course, the plumbing delivering your precious water supply is a decade or more past due for replacement. And then there is the billing. Alpine Meadows Water District has doubled the cost of their services over the last decade and runs questionable billing practices in Phase 1. Each unit is charged for 3 separate outlets, and if you check, you will find that one of your 3 outlets is shared with another unit.

8: Mail Service: What mail service? While there are a few mail boxes along Alpine Meadows Rd, good luck getting one. You have two choices for a PO Box, both 5 miles away. Tahoe City or Squaw.

7: Noise: Not counting the noise you get in your mail from both the board and the property management company, there are 3 major sources of noise. The first, the river, is appealing at some level, but it can be defeaning requiring for example, having to crank up the sound on your TV just to hear it.

The second source, the River Ranch Lodge, can be a mixed blessing. Some will like the summer consert series, othere will not. The of course, you have the noise of having a restaurant running just steps sway from your back decks, not to mention frequent wedding receptions which often feature decades old disco music.

The third source, is the highway. Highway 89 is the one and only route leading from I80 and Truckee, to Tahoe City. The big rig traffic is huge.

6: Smoke:

5: Taxes

4: Location


2: Property Management

1: Board of Directors