I am sure all of you have received the postcard announcing that our pool area will soon be reopened complete with the new security code to unlock the door. It was a bit odd that the security code, highlighted in bold text, was published on a post card.

Unfortunately little if any work has been completed over the last 2 weeks. In fact, yesterday Granite Peak Management once again dug up the area flooring once again revealing the jacuzzi plumbing.  That, despite the fact that Granite Peak Management had reported that the leaks had been repaired. The soil in and around the plumbing is visibly much wetter than soil in other areas of our property. Had Granite Peak Management actually used a real plumber for our jacuzzi there probably would not be any leaks.

Today, Granite peak Management is busy working on the plumbing. I wonder how much extra we are being charged for all of the fix it work?

And of course, no work has yet been completed on the fence surrounding the pool area and of course, there is no door in which to use your new security code.

Granite Peak Management is becoming rather well known for water leaks. Ask any homeowner about the water leaks that occurred last winter caused by improper management of our new siding project, managed by, you guessed it, Granite Peak Management!