A few months ago I was busy fighting a few fires on a Monday and after I put them out I realized that I had yet to visit my favorite business to pay my monthly assessment. For nearly a decade our association only charged late fees if your payment was not received by the end of each month. But that changed when we hired Granite Peak Management.

My first clue was when I received my monthly statement which included a quickly scrawled note accusing me of wasting the association’s time because I paid at the end of the month rather than on the 15th. Apparently Granite Peak Management’s accounting system was not able to handle this situation, or so I was told.

Since this time Granite peak Management had become worse than a credit card company, one hour late, and bang a penalty. Our Congress has recently outlawed this type of behavior exhibited by the credit card companies, but of course, that law does not apply to Granite Peak Management.

So the day after I rushed over to their office to make my payment I received a condescending email from Granite Peak Management.  It has long been accepted policy that if the 15th occurred on a Sunday, the due date became the following Monday. I had personally confirmed this policy with Evan.

Dear xxxx,

I wanted to let you know that I am in receipt of the dues payment you delivered to our office last night. As you know, payments are due by 5pm on the 15th of each month and late fees are assessed on the 16th. The 15th was Sunday so all payments that were received over the weekend were processed yesterday morning and late fees were applied to all accounts with outstanding balances, including yours. I am happy to waive the late fee this month but, please be advised that payments not received by the 15th for future months will be subject to the late fee. Our office is open 7 days a week through the winter and there is a mail slot on the back door where dues payments can be deposited.


Cirra Cantisano
Staff Accountant
Granite Peak Management
530-583-7545 ext 105

Well Cirra, I regret to inform you that the State of California has seen fit to define the requirements that must be met in order for any CID to change their collection policies. Fortunately for the homeowner, this does not include the fact that now your office is open on Sunday.

In fact, Granite Peak Management has a long history of ignoring California Civil Code when pursuing collections accompanied by a complete disrespect for homeowners. This type of behavior is not welcome and may very well lead to Civil Action.