The following Internet resources are available for helping homeowners:

  • Homeowners' Resources

    Homeowners' Resources

    Numerous information is available including: Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance; Energy, Heating, and Cooling Systems; Buying and Financing; Lawn and Garden; Safety; & Water.

  • Homeowners' Resources

    Homeowner' Resources

    Information available includes: Home Price Comparison Index; Home Value Estimator; Mortgage Center; Interest Rate Watch; Home Sweet Home Improvement; Is There Value in a Bathroom Update?; Home Safe Home; What Is Your House Worth; Preventing Burglary; Lower Your Water Bills; Which Renovations Truly Boost Home Value; Space Saving Tips; Seal Your Ducts and Save Money; The Best Remodeling Projects to Raise the Value of Your Home; & Making the Most of Curb Appeal.

  • The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services’ website contains a wealth of information including stories on current news and events, Preparedness and Training, and Response and Recovery procedures.